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We can effectively arrange the use of the proper financial instruments based on our relationships with clients from European, International, and major North American banks.

We receive this information through our partners, present the private US and International banking institutions. We also rely on information from investment bankers as well. Here we provide financial instruments used most often in the industry.

Leased Bank Guarantee (BG)
Purchase Owned Bank Guarantee (BG)
Leased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Purchase Owned Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Custodial Safe Keeping Receipt (CSKR/SKR)
Leased Telegraphic Key Note Wire Transfer (KTT) MT-103 One Way
Purchase Owned Telegraphic Key Note Wire Transfer (KTT) MT-103 One Way
Offshore Bank account openings
Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL)
Documentary Letter of Credit (L/C, DLC)
Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Medium Term Note (MTN)
Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Proof of the Assets (POA)
Proof of Funds (POF)
Performance Bond (PB)
Leased Bank Draft
Purchase Owned Bank Draft
and all banking products in general.

Bank Instruments

We lead the industry in providing financial instruments in the private sector for individual clients as well as corporate. Many financial companies are struggling through these hard economic times that we are facing. Banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies are struggling and cant assist you in your goals. Most individuals arent aware of bank instruments like MTNs, Bank Guarantees (BGs), Corporate Bonds, SBLCs. The only thing that everyone can agree on is that it is getting harder and harder to be financed in projects.

To Be Successful, You Have to Look at Alternative Sources of Funding.

Bank instruments are debt instruments that were created by large banks and institutions, and these have incredibly high-interest rates and benefit the institution. There are bank instruments like Bank Guarantees (BGs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), and Medium Term Notes (MTNs) which are primarily issued by European banks. It can be difficult to secure these bank instruments outright which is why most people decide on leased bank instruments.

When you lease an instrument, you receive some amazing benefits. Clients are interested in this process because they can secure funding for real estate transactions, petroleum, other commodities, private placement programs, or other unique funding ventures.

The most important part of this entire process is the ability to lease a bank instrument with only a little amount of capital down. Many people leverage their leased bank instruments into start-ups of wildly successful business ventures.

Our Tips

Leasing can be a frustrating experience because many people do not meet the necessary requirements to secure them. You need to use Bank Instruments so that you have collateral to assist you in your financial endeavors. There are two main sources that you can lease from:

Services We Offer

We provide bank instruments in the form of BGs (Bank Guarantee), MTNs (Medium Term Note), SBLCs (Standby Letter of Credit) & DPLCs (Direct Pay Letter of Credit) CDs (Certificate of Deposit), and many more instruments through our banking network.

Unlike the use of a traditional letter of credit, through the use of a bank instrument the beneficiary receives payment against papers that demonstrate delivery. Through this process, the SBLC can grant the beneficiary the ability to receive payment through a financial institution even though they didnt satisfy the terms of the arrangement.

What you need to remember with bank instruments, is that the bank itself is only adept at handling the paperwork and do not have any say in the commitment or contract that the two parties develop. The bank only cares about the letter of credit and terms therein. The bank decides to pay on a bank instrument because they have to adhere to the terms of LC bank instruments


Our clients also benefit from us helping them with Bank Confirmation Letters (BCL) or Proof of Funds (POF). We use these typically for commodity trades like oil and gas service equipment, steel, precious gems, and others. There are many services that we can open acceptable credit lined in the import and export trades depending on manufacturers and suppliers.


Import/Export Trade
Project Finance Collateral
Assistance in the Purchase of Bank Instrument (Bank Debentures)
Additional Credit Enhancements: Real Estate, REO Pool, and Companies as well as Businesses


Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Cash Accounts
Bank Guarantee (BG)

Type of Institutions for BANK INSTRUMENTS:

Top 100 World Banks

International Banks, the United States, & Asia


Minimum $10M account size up to $500M per tranche
Month to month account service or the availability of 12 months through extensions


Bank Guarantees (BG) are bank instruments that are negotiable and made by the bank on behalf of the person filing the application, reducing the risk on the part of the applicant. This partnership is a contractual agreement that can be used for international trade, trade finance, domestic trade and many other options. These contracts are typically considered by the issuing bank between two parties.
If a bank is going to issue a Letter of Guarantee, they research the credit history of the applicant and do not pay attention to the business arrangement. The ability of individuals to receive bank instruments is determined by the relationship the bank has with the applicant.

A BG is somewhat like an LC because there is a guaranteed payment to the beneficiary for the client. A BG is used if there is a default in the loan. If this seems confusing the logic is relatively easy When you are purchasing goods you might take out a BG with the company you are selling it to, and this is protective against a failed payment. Once you sell your goods, if payments were not made appropriately, you are covered against the loss. The bank instrument is similar to that of a draft so that they can cover their expenses.

Monetizing Cash Accounts and Bank Instruments

Here, we make sure to work with partners that assist you in establishing bank instruments or cash accounts. These are important because they create the capital to fund the trades in a joint venture for the CCG and the client.

As a client, you are responsible for putting up a fee to cover the initial contracts. However, the amount depends on the specific amount of money you are trying to secure but can range between 250,000 dollars and 2 million dollars.

Whether using Proof of Funds or bank instruments will be used to start the process with the trade group, and to initiate funds for the client's future projects.