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All our financial are independent, fully qualified and salaried. This means you can be sure recommendations will be based on an expert assessment of your needs, without bias. To help you decide if financial advice is right for you and which of our services may be suitable. What’s more, this consultation is free.

We are not brokers; therefore we are completely free of conflicts of interest inherent in the financial community. As an independent advisor we are able to give each of our clients the confidence that the advice they receive is in the best interest of their company and its shareholders. All clients are handled by principals.

We offer you:

  • Independence: As an independent adviser we will draw our recommendations based on analysis of your need for our services, so you can be comfortable the solutions we recommend are the best available to suit your requirements.
  • A bespoke service: You can take advice, make your own decisions, or pick and mix, the range of options available means we can find the right combination of services for you.
  • Security: We are duly regulated by the Authority and look after more than £5 billion for our clients. Safety of our clients’ assets is our priority and we make every effort to ensure everyone who uses our service is comfortable with the protection we provide.
  • Value: We can offer a free, no obligation, and financial consultation to help you find the service to suit you. In some cases, clients find they don’t need to pay for advice, in other cases where further advice is required a fee will be agreed in advance. The scale, pricing power and efficiency of our business means the cost of services is highly competitive at Aquila Financial Group.

Here our approach is unique and represents the best starting point if you’re seeking the best advice for loans, bank instruments and or investments. It’s based upon our belief you should only pay for things you need and value. We believe this is just as true for services rendered as for any other walk of life.

Our procedures and forms to apply for bank instruments are available upon request; please click here to Contact us

A). Brokerage firms handling third party instruments offering a list of them available.
B). Real providers offering their own instruments backed with their own funds.

When dealing with firms offering long list of instruments available you can see them issued but you have to ponder the fact they do not have control over them. By the other hand, when dealing with OWNERS, they have full control to instruct issuing banks to emit the instruments or previous evidences of them, such as pre-advise communications or screen print-outs, because these instruments are cash-backed with their own funds as well.

Clients / Applicants should understand that in every case, the total facing value amount of the required instrument must be in lender’s account, blocked for the entire useful life of the asset. This is why there is no serious source able to lease without up-front payments to cover lender’s risk of having full facing value amount in place and (to be) blocked.

This is the reason why leasing is considered as a “funds first” transaction, which is the difficult aspect for borrowers to afford when they urgently need the instrument but have no money to get it. Sometimes, borrowers wrongly think they are qualified to get the instrument just against a strong promise, named as contractual agreement, conditional swift, ICBPO or similar.

If you are aware of all this, really interested to lease from a real provider who is able to submit his own fully cash backed instruments to be issued at the name of clients/applicants from prime banks, our procedures and forms to apply for bank instruments are available upon request, Please click here to Contact Us