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Our company and its partners have been in the international financial market for over 10 years. We help our clients by acting as an introducer for buying and selling bank debentures, involvement in asset management programs. We are ready to solve your financial needs through one of our programs listed on our website.

Established by professionals who understand your needs, We put the client first. Unlike other firms who will promise the world and not deliver, we approach business from a practical perspective. Upon receiving a client's inquiry, we will call and speak to our clients personally, get to know our clients and their business, and get a feel for the overall project. Each transaction receives individual assessment by the managing partners and all of our associates. By doing this, we will ascertain relatively quickly whether we can assist you or not. We will not tie you up unnecessarily if we feel that we are not the right fit. However, if we do deem your transaction of interest, we will initiate the process of presenting your transaction and completing your financial goals.
All in all, our focus is to provide the opportunity for our clients to make their goals a reality.  We can guarantee that each client's transaction is very important to us.

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Our philosophy is simple:  Provide prompt, courteous service to each client. We dont sit on your project or transaction for weeks before finally taking a look at it and evaluating it. Each project is evaluated within 1-2 days of receipt, often within hours. With US, we know that your time is valuable and we respect your need for prompt service. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being able to provide superior service when other firms fail to do so.
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High Yield Private Placement Programs, private securities trading or secured asset management investment vehicles, also referred to as a secured asset management programs, are investment vehicles commonly used by the very wealthy where the principal investment is fully secured by having their bank account block their account  on behalf of the investment program, for the term of the investment. This is done so that the trader can generate a line of credit, which is invested through the trade program.  This is done to give a guaranteed high return to the investor on a periodic basis, usually on a daily or a weekly basis.  By blocking the investors account in this manner, there is no risk of losing the investors principal investment.

This investment opportunity involves the purchase and sale of Bank Debentures, issued by the top 25 money center banks.  This is done within the International Market in a controlled trading program. The program allows for the investor to place his funds through an established Program Management firm working directly with a major Trading Bank.


The investors funds stay in his bank account, as long as it is a top 50 World Bank and is blocked for the term of the contract covering the investment. This protects the investors funds from being used by anyone without the investors permission. At the conclusion of the investment contract the block is removed and the funds are released back to the control of the investor.


The Investor is also guaranteed by the program Directors, by contract, that they will receive, what is in effect, a percentage of each trade made by the Trade Bank. This can be in the form of a guaranteed profit/yield paid on a periodic basis upon terms as set out in the contract, usually on a weekly basis.


The Instruments to be transacted under the Buy/Sell Program are fully negotiable Bank Instruments delivered unencumbered, free and clear of any and all liens, claims or restrictions. The Instruments are a debt obligation of the Top One Hundred (100) World Banks in the form of Medium Term notes Bank Debentures of 10 years in length. They usually offer 7 1/2% interest; or Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees of one year in length with no interest but at a discount from face value. These Bank Instruments conform in all respects with the Uniform Customs and practice for Documentary Credits as set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France (ICC) in the latest edition of the ICC Publication Number 400 (1983 Revision) and the newest implemented ICC Publication 500 (1995 Revision).


As stated, the Investment funds principal is fully secured   by having the investor s funds blocked by their bank using an Administrative Block.  This block reserves this account for the purposes of the investment program and no other purpose.

On all of the programs we deal with the Proof of Funds that is required is that the investor must show that they actually owns the cash funds.  This can be done through a bank statement, tear sheet or bank letter and the funds stay in the investors original account. The investor always has control of his or her funds and at NO time at all does the investor release these funds to anyone.  If the investor opens a new account at a different bank then the account will always be in the investors name only and this can also be done through a SWIFT MT 760, It must be stressed that in these trading programs, since they are buy/sell programs, before an instrument is purchased, a contract is already in place for the resale of the Bank Debenture Instruments. Consequently, the Investors funds are never put at risk. The Investors account will always contain either funds or Bank Instruments of equal or greater value. After each transaction period, the profits are distributed according to the trade agreement signed by the investor and the trade officer and the process repeats for the duration of the contract.  The profits are usually distributed to the beneficiaries on either Monday or Friday.


Operations will take place approximately forty (40) International Banking Weeks per year, with specific transactions taking place approximately one or more times per day, depending on circumstances. Although there are 52 weeks in a year, there are only 40 international banking weeks during which transactions take place. An International Banking week is a full week, which does not include an officially recognized holiday. However, this does not preclude that transactions may occur on short weeks that have a holiday.  Trading normally takes place 4 days a week. Usually Monday through Thursday with paydays on Fridays or Mondays.


 There are available, through our traders specialized investment programs that conclude themselves within a short period of time, usually within 5 business days, 10 business days or 30 business days.   These programs return to the investor an extremely high return in a short period of time.  Only the trader can describe what the actual returns are when he meets with the investor, either on the phone or in person.

The reason they pay such high returns is that the trader issues Pay Orders in advance on a 40-week trade program. These Pay Orders are then discounted and sold to a bank. They are basically cashing out an investor early on a 40 Week Program.  The trader establishes with the investor how much profit they want to receive in advance and then issues the Pay Orders in advance to accommodate the investor.


The answer is that these programs have been available, though not widely known for years, however, because of the extremely high minimum requirements to enter them, only a few could qualify. The minimums are 500 hundred thousand dollars.  Due to no risks involved in investing in trade programs, we do not accept investors with less than 500K USD.  Also, The Investor must be invited to participate in these very limited enrollment programs.


We are not and we do not act as a Securities Broker nor do we effectuate the sale of securities. Project principals, those seeking financing or interested parties seeking funding opportunities involving equity shares in corporate entities must consult their own local or national Securities Commission rules to ensure that they are in compliance. All parties must perform due diligence on each other.

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